You pull up the beach on a beautiful day. The temperature is just right, the breeze is rolling off the dunes, the seagulls are out en masse, but they aren't bothering you, and the water is calm as could be--which is truly unfortunate because you are here to surf. You begin to pack up your stuff to try another spot when an old man in a beat up  van pulls up with his surfboard and gear. He opens his door and suddenly the wind picks up off the dunes, it gets a little bit cooler, but most importanly the surf starts pounding against the beach as the waves get bigger. How did he know to come right now? The world may never know, but he is the mythic "Cabo Bob" and wherever he goes, he just has it figured out. So we put him on a patch walking down to the waves... And we put that patch on various hats. 

Surfing Bob Patch Hats